What is www.globaexpo.it?
GlobalExpo is a b2b/b2c e-commerce platform created to promote Italian companies on domestic and international markets. Companies who register, can sell their products both B2B and B2C in e-commerce simply activating the function for buying on line.

How do it works?
The Companies registered on globalexpo can enter their Company Profile, Logo and Products; GlobalExpo processes entries, create company profiles and showcases the products, which will be indexed and positioned on Google with sophisticated web marketing professional activities (SEO). The promotion of Italian Companies will also take place using the most important international marketplaces and mailing marketing and contact management campaigns.

How much to stay on www.globalexpo.it?
Companies can register for free and create their own digital shop but the international promotion and activation of professional e-commerce functions will only be activated buying some not free memberships.

Can I register any type of company?
B2B GlobalExpo is a portal designed for all companies who want to sell their products both B2B and B2C (with its own e-commerce). There are no restrictions in terms of eligible product categories.

How the companies will be promoted?
Our web marketing team uses the best technologies by promoting individual products, individual companies, as well as all product categories, based on the Google search trends, or prior agreements with the advertiser. Typically we use pay channels, such as Adsense, Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as the Google paid keyword, SEO (the optimization of the pages for the search engine). To ensure the greatest possible visibility, you will also enable campaigns to promote the major international marketplace and will be carried out actions of mailing in order to increase the promotion of profiles database.

Who is the publisher of www.globalexpo.it?
The publishing company is Exportlink Web Company Sagl, con sede in Vicolo del Lido, 1 – 6900 Lugano – Switzerland.

What is the www.globalexpo.it experience in this field?
Salvatore Ponticelli, director of marketing and community manager, has a long career in international marketing. Working in this field since 1991 and its comprehensive professional profile can be found on LinkedIN

Do consulting for sites or web marketing campaigns?
If you need advice for your website to try and find new clients abroad or simply to set us web marketing campaigns available to assist you: the first check-up is free.

How can I contact?
For any request for clarification, please write to