double-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

Double-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

It is very similar to its ‘big brother’, but with one major difference.
One side is opaque to the light, but perfectly smooth and shiny. Naturally, with a product such as this, the choice of combinations (insert/ coloured side/ transparent side) is extremely important, but with discernment and a keen eye quite remarkable special effects can be achieved.

Single-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

Single-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

This is a pure transparent neutral or coloured acrylic with truly special optical effects.
These effects are obtained by the inclusion of utterly different materials in the cast.
These could include wide weave fabrics, metal meshes or plenty more.

Three-color plastic sheets

Three-color plastic sheets

Both sides are opaque yet perfectly smooth and shiny, whilst the edge is completely transparent.
This enables the material to be used to create remarkable optical effects. The two sides may have the same or different colours, although sheets will be available in the initial phase of marketing with both sides the same.

double moulded plastic sheets

Double moulded plastic sheets

This is a truly innovative product.
The special production process allows for the obtaining of sheets with one side coloured and opaque to light, while the other side is perfectly transparent, creating original optical effects to the observer.

Single moulded plastic sheets

Single moulded plastic sheets

This is a pure single-moulded acrylic that is opaque and/or transparent to light, with single-sanded and/or perfectly flat sanded polished surfaces.
It is the perfect product for all shiny surfaces, doors, work surfaces, tables and desks, chairs, accessories and coatings.

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine AP97 L

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine AP97 L

AP79L Manual Perfume Crimping Machine is simple to use and recommended for laboratory test or production of small quantities. With this model all valve and pump diameters will be crimped by changing the crimping head, from perfume pump diameters to 1” aerosol valves.
Dimensions: 25x30x70 cm
Net weight: 19 kg

Pneumatic crimping machine AP93P

Pneumatic crimping machine (semiautomatic action). This machine is recommended for small and medium production. Machine cycle starts by simple pressing of two “start” buttons (to be pressed at same time) placed on machine base. Excluding 1 inch size, all crimping heads can be mounted in order to crimp all pump sizes.

Pneumatic Perfume Crimping Machine

Pneumatic Perfume Crimping Machine AP02

The semi automatic, pneumatic perfume crimping machine AP02 is the right compromise quality-price for a continuous medium to high production. Versatility and simple use are the main characteristics.
A special feature is the possibility to move incrementally (get near the bottle, for the first crimping adjustments with little shifts) and with low speed. With AP02 you can set up each crimping head to close every pump size in the market (1” valve crimping excluded).

Perfume Crimping Machine

Pneumatic Perfume Crimping Machine AP01

Pneumatically assisted- manual perfume crimping machine.
AP01 is a simple perfume crimping machine suitable for glass bottle and aluminum 1″ can crimping.
This is the only pneumatic operated machine, in our range, that will allow you to crimp aluminum cans by a simple lever movement, the unit will place the bottle neck into crimping head (jaw) and start pneumatic ram cycle. This machine is recommended for small-medium scale production.

Manual Perfume Crimping Machine

AP93L Manual Perfume Crimping Machine

AP93L manual crimping machine is simple to use and recommended for limited perfume production. It’s built with a solid structure which supports the crimping head (a specific one for each different micropump size) and a support for the bottle. One rotation movement of the lever (approx. 100°) allows the approaching and the crimping operation. The quick replacement of the crimping head makes the machine exceptionally vesatile.

Manual Perfume Crimping Tool APM98

Manual Perfume Crimping Tool APM98

Non adjustable manual perfume crimping tool for micropump or aluminum cap crimping on bottles.
APM98 is simple to use, just place the crimping head on the neck of the bottle, and press on the levers to crimp. Simple use and cost efficiency are this device main characteristics, ready every time, no need to adjust. Available diameters: 13, 15, 17, 18, 20mm. Suitable for sampling only.

Continuous Ovens for Transformers – Industrial Ovens

Continuous Ovens for Transformers – Industrial Ovens made in Italy by Idrocalor srl.

IDROCALOR’ovens are widely used in the drying treatments of dry-type, oil filled and cast resin transformers. The reliability and efficiency of our drying ovens assures the transformer’s highest performances and its long-lasting life. The working temperature range in this application goes from 80° to 160° C. The key factor for a high quality treatment resides in a masterful control of the air temperature uniformity.