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Furnishing – Fabrics for furnishing

While furnishing fabrics are not our main business, the advanced technologies we use allow us to manufacture extremely heavy and compact fabrics suitable for the furnishing industry.

cotton trousers

Trousers Cotton or Cotton blended

Trousers (Cotton or Cotton blended).
Our range includes both stretch and non-stretch fabrics made of cotton or cotton blended with other fibers to give the yarn-dyed look to fabrics, both in piece or garment-dyeing.

double-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

Double-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

It is very similar to its ‘big brother’, but with one major difference.
One side is opaque to the light, but perfectly smooth and shiny. Naturally, with a product such as this, the choice of combinations (insert/ coloured side/ transparent side) is extremely important, but with discernment and a keen eye quite remarkable special effects can be achieved.

Single-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

Single-mould plastic sheets with fabrics

This is a pure transparent neutral or coloured acrylic with truly special optical effects.
These effects are obtained by the inclusion of utterly different materials in the cast.
These could include wide weave fabrics, metal meshes or plenty more.

Three-color plastic sheets

Three-color plastic sheets

Both sides are opaque yet perfectly smooth and shiny, whilst the edge is completely transparent.
This enables the material to be used to create remarkable optical effects. The two sides may have the same or different colours, although sheets will be available in the initial phase of marketing with both sides the same.

double moulded plastic sheets

Double moulded plastic sheets

This is a truly innovative product.
The special production process allows for the obtaining of sheets with one side coloured and opaque to light, while the other side is perfectly transparent, creating original optical effects to the observer.