Gambini Meccanica realizes round racks, with ground or cold drawn raw
materials, with straight or helical tooth system, right- or left-hand.
Quality classes and modules which can be realized are the standard ones and the length is up to 3000 mm. The most common raw materials employed are the following ones: C45 and stainless steel.



Gambini Meccanica manufactures top quality racks both with straight and
helical tooth system by employing several typologies of raw materials. We
produce racks from module 0.5 until module 42, from quality 5 to quality

Spline shafts

Spline shafts up to 550 mm long, up to 120 mm external diameter with helical and straight toothing

Worm screws

Worm screws from module 0.5 to module 10 up to 100 mm diameter, both ground and toothed

Spur gears

Spur and helical gears from module 0.5 with an external diameter of 10 mm up to module 10 with an external diameter of 500 mm

Liquid detergent Oil Cleaner

Liquid detergent Oil Cleaner with high degreasing and cleaning power even on pigment stains, suitable for prespotting.
Degreasing for collars and cuffs

Liquid additive softener Forever

Liquid additive softener Forever with a long lasting perfume. Forever is a concentrated liquid softener to be used in professional laundries with professional washing machines.