T.E.N.S. Therapy Device – Physiotherapy Equipment

T.E.N.S. Therapy Device BE 28 T is a portable devices to T.E.N.S. antalgic therapy and are useful in situations involving pain, in rheumatology cases and in post-traumatic care. The pain is an individual phenomenon, not standardized, and therefore it needs all that technology development and progress can make available. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation has a direct effect on peripheral nerves: it blocks the impulse of pain and increases production of endorphins in the body through small muscle contractions.

Ionophoresis Medical Device for electrotherapy

The instrument JonoStim is a medical device for electrotherapy able to disburse a continuous current between that could change among 0 and 20 mA.
JonoStim can be used both to favor the introduction of medicines in the body through the skin (ionoforesis), that for the antalgic typical action of the direct current applied through galvanotherapy technique. Besides JonoStim can be used in the treatment of the Hyperidrosys, and in aesthetical treatment against the cellulitis.

Ultrasound Phisiotherapic Equipment – Ultrasound Therapy Device

Ultrasound Therapy Device Multisonic. The ultrasound is a phisiotherapic technique that applay therapeutic biological effects produced by ultrasound. This is a surface massage technique capable of transmitting mechanical vibrations from a piezoelectric ultrasound probe (from the greek piezo = pressure) to the body tissues.
This device is particularly indicated for the treatment of arthropathy, bruises, calcifications, periarthritis, sprains, beauty treatments (cellulite), tendonitis, epicondylitis and contractures.

Magnetotherapy – Magnetic therapy Device

Magnet-X Family Magnetotherapy Device. The Magnetic therapy is a form of physiotherapy using the interaction of magnetic fields with the body stimulates osteogenesis and tissue regeneration, thereby promoting an acceleration of all phenomena with clear remedial action Bioregenerating inflammatory and antiedemigena. The anti-inflammatory action, performed by the magnetotherapy, active the cell membranes repolarization in order to recharge and regenerate cells devoid of vital energy.

Electrotherapy Medical Device

Electrotherapy Medical Device for Elettrostimulation


BE 28 E is a portable device for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). After the pain management, the stimulated muscular contraction si the most popular application of electrostimulation. After many years the Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been used to treat and prevent the localised muscular hypotony, in the rehabilitation field, now it has become a recognised and well-proven aid to physical exercise.

Physiotherapy Equipment – Fisiostim Professional

FisioStim Professional is the latest generation of ML Elettromedicali’s portable devices for physiotherapy, programmed to generate the most used currents in electrotherapy for both therapeutic, rehabilitative ad sportive use, including the Triangular, Exponential, Rectangular currents are used on muscle denervation.
The current rectangular biphasic, the current Kotz and faradic are current standards used on muscles innervated or healthy, finally, the T.E.N.S., the diadynamic, the microcurrents and antalgic current ionophoresis are used in case of pain, inflammation, injury, tendinitis, etc.

Precast Technology Machines – Precast Machinery

Precast Technology Machines mod. Prima 13: Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender from coil, allows to produce stirrups and cut-to-size bars using wires up to Ø13 mm (#4).
Driven by digital electric servomotors.

– Max. pulling speed: 130 m/min (430 ft/min)
– Straighteners with independent position and adjustment displays for the 2 wires
– Cutting with Brushless motors
– Web Teleassistance

The 3D version allows to produce 3D pieces

Wire Straightening Machines Wire Mesh Straighteners

Rotor type Wire Straightening Machine R6

Rotor type wire straightening machine for the production of cut-to-size wires up to Ø 6 mm (#3).  Driven by digital electric servomotors.

– Max pulling speed: 160 m/ min (525 ft/ min)
– High speed cutting unit with brushless (less than 0.1 sec)
– Web Teleassistance

Available versions:

Mechanical measuring unit enabling the production of high precision of length bars

Mesh Welding Machine – wire Meshwelding Plant

Mesh Line Bar-Bar Welding Machines for Reinforcing Mesh

Mesh welding machine for the production of reinforcing mesh working with pre-cut wires.
Range from Ø3 to Ø12 mm.

The structure of this mesh welding line is modular to let you start with a low investment and is been focused on short setup times for both wire diameter and format changes of the processed mesh. Driven by digital electric servomotors.

Rebar Processing Machinery – Automatic Rebar Processing

Multifeed Stirrup Bender – Bar Wiser 22N MF

Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender, allows to produce stirrups both from bars (up to Ø22 mm – #7) and from coils (up to Ø16 mm – #5).
Driven by electric servomotors.– Max. pulling speed: 100 m/min (328 ft/min)
– External and internal straightening unit
– Pneumatic pressure on traction wheels
– Virtual mandrel
– Web Teleassistance

Bar Stirrup Bender Machine

Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender from bar, allows to produce stirrups and cut-to-size bars using wires up to Ø22 mm (#7). Driven by electric servomotors.

– Max. pulling speed: 120 m/min (394 ft/min)
– Pneumatic pressure on traction wheels
– Virtual mandrel
– Web Teleassistance

The 3D version allows to produce 3D pieces. ASK FOR QUOTATION.