PTFE Bearings

This code identifies a line of bearings that are specially manufactured to allow the bonding of a filled PTFE coated fabric (lead free, in accordance to the European Parliament “ELV” directive 2000/53/EC) on four types of backing metal layers, like carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel and Inconel 625.
The Sliding Surface is primarily composed of filled PTFE coated fabric, and other elements to guarantee the high wear resistance. The TX products find their best usage in slow-moving applications, with heavy loads, and where dry operation is required. Thanks to the thick self-lubricating layer up to 0,4 mm, this product has a high wear resistance, and can work in dirty or abrasive environment.
For this product it is not recommended the use of oil, while the use of special grease, such as silicon or lithium soap, is only possible during the assembly.