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Valery Glass

Company Profile

Valery Glass was founded in Milan in 1995 thanks to the fundamental patrimony of knowledge and experience in the field of glass production of its founders.

Born as glassware retailer, Valery Glass broadened its business focusing on design and aiming at the production of tailor-made articles that meet the specific demands of its customers.

Valery Glass has become a pioneer in the creation of new models, realizing detailed and original designs and going through every step of the planning process with the highest care. Thanks to a close cooperation with its customers, the final product can be realized both on the ideas of the customer and on Valery Glass original models.

The peculiar shape of its high-value bottles combines design and functionality and suits the most diverse products: oil, vinegar, wine and spirits but also cosmetics.

In November 2010 the Company moved to a new location near Milan. The new centre was built following the Green Economy principles and respecting the historical roots of Abbiategrasso (the town in which it is located). Thanks to the implementation of a photovoltaic power system, the Lombardy Region awarded Valery Glass with the highest accreditation for energy saving.

From planning to delivery, Valery Glass offers a complete and efficient service. The great variety and originality of its products - exhibited also at the greatest international fairs – positions Valery Glass amongst the leaders in the production of fancy glass bottles.

We believe that our future originates in the experience of our founders and develops thanks to the collaboration of a young and motivated team. We aim to keep on growing and further establishing our products both on the domestic and international market.